13.08.2017:   Back to business

Since this year is already sloooowly entering its final months, it would be time to recap what 2017 was all about for Messerschmitt – if there already was a 2016 recap, that is. For there was no blog entry since our Berlin-Gig at the end of 2015, we will have to do some catching up.

2016 was quite a transitional year for the band as our rehearsal room was still closed up for renovation. We were toying around with the idea of moving out to another rehearsal space (like all the other bands from our complex) but ended up deciding to wait out the renovation period. The reasons for this were, among a couple of personal challenges for some band members, that we were tired of playing the same playlist in areas we already presented these songs numerous times, especially North Rhine Westphalia. As a result we wanted to take on fewer shows after we had played Essen, Wuppertal and Oberhausen in the spring of 2016.

Now we wanted to focus on writing new material for our sophomore album. The exception would be concerts that were farther away (Hamburg, Heusden, Bitterfeld in 2016, Itzehoe with Solstice in 2017 - great fuckin' night by the way...) as well as special venues or festivals (Source of Steel, Der Detze Rockt in 2016, Grillapokalypse and Turock in 2017). For these gigs we partly rehearsed in other rehearsal rooms, e.g. Eliminator's in Wuppertal – thanks for that. This year, our rehearsal room finally opened again, which means we can bring our new songs to life – molding and honing them until they become what we envision.

Yesterday was a good opportunity for us as we opened for the mighty Flotsam & Jetsam in the widely-known turock live-club in Essen and damn, those guys are good. It was a great gig for us as well and we had lots of fun. Since there were many other festivals and concerts going on simultaneously on this weekend, the place wasn't really packed. Big thanks though to the maniacs that showed up, greatly supporting us and the main act! It was a little bummer that after Flotsams gig, both bands quickly had to pack up their shit and get out of the club as fast as they could, just so some 90s trash-pop party could start on time. Needless to say, there were hundreds of people waiting outside to get in for that.... oh well ;)

Next in store is more songwriting and rehearsing said songs, we're inching closer to new material!

Cheers and don't mess with

29.12.2015:   Angry Birds, Closed Rooms

2015 is coming to an end. Since our last blog entry is from April it's time to catch up on what happened since!

So...... After handing our recordings to Yannic from Yava Music, new gigs were lined up as we awaited the finalized album. We played quite nice gigs in Oberhausen and Mülheim an der Ruhr, whereas Mülheim stood out solely because Maik and me were twice attacked outside by a freaking bird! Judging by its colorful feathers it was likely some sort of parakeet – whatever it was, it was uber aggressive and ambushed us out of nowhere. Couldn't stop laughing about it for days.... Courageously, I whipped out my camera in the heat of danger and got to film the second attack, risking life and limb.

Next up was a gig in Colognes cellar-based club MTC, right during a big heatwave that had us sweating bullets. This was the last gig before the album was finally done, as after four months of going over every song with Yannic again and again and again, all details were in place and the general sound was acclaimed by everyone. The pressing plant did a really nice and fast job, so after only two weeks or so we held the result in our hands in August. Needless to say we were all super stoked and proud of our work. In todays music world though, albums don't sell when you're not touring. So, new gigs were in store! The first "post-album"-concert took place in Kreuztals "Die Kammer". After waiting several hours as well as the opening band "treating" everybody to some 20 minutes long mindless jamming in the middle of their set, it was our turn. The gig didn't go that well though, so the only solace was provided in form of really great sandwiches by the club.

Our pair of gigs in September went far better – in Münster we were able to activate a good portion of the crowd during our – admittedly early – gig at Münster Metal Massaker. A week later in Braunschweig, the crowd really came to have a good time. People packed the relatively small Pub called "Schabreu" and banged their heads while sometimes even singing along – this is what a truly great underground gig should look like! Like our previous Braunschweig-Concert at B58, this was absolutely worth the drive. After a small outing in a corner pub in Schwelm we got a spontaneous offer to come to Otzenhausen and replace a band in the "Schlacht um Otzenhausen"-festival. An opening slot, yet it was the opening slot on the main stage and that sounded good enough to us. Sadly, this turned out to be a dud. The black metal-heavy crowd was standing sheepishly in the back, only rounding up a bit of applause after the songs, at best. With so much empty space in front of us, it really felt like a rehearsal and to be fair, the motivation to put on a great show sunk song by song.

"Rehearsing" is a good keyword at this point, since we again were locked out of our rehearsal space. Funnily, this happened again before a concert at Schwelm, like last year. Just as last time, the rehearsal complex has to undergo construction work thanks to provisions concerning fire protection – just feels like effin' Groundhog Day. December started with a super spontaneous offer to open for Hobbs' Angel of Death in Oberhausen. Couldn't make the gig but the other three guys put on a retro 3-man show in good ol' Helvete. Still, the year wasn't over for us yet, as we had our first Gig at Berlin lined up with Fatal Embrace. The six-hour-drive (one way) was worth it though, as after an alcoholic night the performance at the Cortina Bob was fun and a good way to close the year. Especially after Otzenhausen, it felt nice to finish on a more positive note. Sitting backstage eating rubber-edged pizza, we already looked toward next year: Getting our rehearsal room back, playing in Essen again in January and of course going to Hamburg and Daun during the summer to play some great festivals.

So that's it for this year, have a nice New Year's Party!
See you in 2016 and don't mess with...


16.04.2015:   Behold The Mett And The Power It Holds

Hello People,

It has been a good while since our last entry. Now it's time for me to debut on this blog do a little recap of what went on so far in 2015.

Live-wise, we played three gigs to date. The first one was already a pretty special occasion, as we celebrated Messerschmitt's fifth anniversary at Thrash 'n' Speed Mania, traditionally held at AJZ Bahndamm Wermelskirchen. Although we couldn't quite draw the numbers we envisioned for this thing, everybody got their money's worth, at least from what I know. With Wermelskirchen it's always a little difficult in that respect: The AJZ absolutely rules as a location but you just can't get anywhere by public transportation at night, so drinking would be pretty much out of the question. As a result, many potential guests decide to be lazy, just stay at home and miss some awesome gigs. As for us, we all (except Flo of course!) were a little tired as we hit the stage after ejnoying six interesting bands from four different countries before us! We had a really fun gig though with an awesome crowd, so the tiredness quickly made way for excitement and joy. BTW: Props go out to Ili from Contradiction and HMHTV for capturing our gig with several cameras. Never watched a gig of ourselves quite like that – thanks!

Next it was on to Aalst again, this time to play at Oilsjt Omploft XL, in front of a rather punk heavy audience. Still, it was fun to play on a bigger festival like that (opening for Enforcer and GBH) and get some people to headbang and party, even if it wasn't their preferred musical style. This time, we missed out on nurturing ourselves beforehand with our favorite belgian food/drink-combination of Fritjes mät Majoneis (sp?) and the legendary cara pils – the fuel of champions. For sure there will be another chance, though! Two weeks ago we followed suit with a gig at Taunus Metal Festival. Even though we had a rather smallish but nonetheless enthusiastic crowd as a 6 o'clock act on the first day, we were absolutely thankful for the opportunity and had a great time. The only thing ticking me off was not finding the venue and driving for half an hour in the middle of absolutely fucking nowhere. Since a road suggested by my navigation system was blocked due to construction, I had to find my way through super narrow lanes on some fields. Being from Cologne, it was the first time ever that I saw a roadsign saying “chickens crossing” - unbelievable. Sure enough, Maik and Flo had a bright smile on their faces when I finally arrived after making two angry phonecalls

Next up is good ol' Helvete on May 16th, again teaming up with Rezet and Blizzen, as well as Agenda (their first gig).

As some of you know, we fought a war on two fronts this year. With gigs on our schedule we had to find as well as renovate a new rehearsal room. Shortly before Thrash N Speed Mania we were out of a rehearsal room for three months. In one of our previous gigs in Schwelm, we even asked the sound guy if we could have a rehearsal right on stage before door time – that's true professionalism *lol*

Last but not least, there was the continued recording of our first album, No Dread To Kill. As I can only speak of recording sessions where I was present myself, all I can say is I had lots of fun laying down the guitar/soloing stuff with Maik. Meeting up in the morning and ingesting a maximum amount of glorious Mett laid the foundation for precise and intricate soloing work. During recording, I found out that it really pays off to have a second opinion and thus getting a better result. From time to time, Flo popped in to further record his bass tracks. We also took a break from recording to get some proper band pictures as a four-piece with the help of Helena Marie. We got some pretty cool and goofy shots out of that, so thanks!

After screaming myself to a headache during the gangshout-recordings, my part is finally done. Maik will mix and finish everything with Yannic of Beverly Kills until we can finally call this mission complete – at least musically. We all can't wait to release these songs, especially behind such a kick-ass cover (great work by Martin Hanford).

Alright, so I will close like the other entries!
Cheers! And don't mess with.... MESSERSCHMITT


23.06.2014:   Fast Fred & Sex Wax Pt. 1: you know what´s to do?

Hey Maniacs and Maniatrixes, so here’s the latest news from the Messerschmitt camp! First and foremost, as some of you might already have recognized, the bunch of lunatics that we are has been completed by the addition of Christian Fass on second lead guitar! We already knew Chris from past Messerschmitt gigs, so there was no doubt about his attitude and character, which fit perfectly well with the rest of us. During the past weeks and months we rehearsed alot together and gladly found out that he’s also a damn tight axeman… those who saw our recent gigs will surely confirm, and he’s just getting better and better!
Talking about those gigs, there were already some truly great moments among them, especially our gig in Braunschweig, which was not only our furthest northern trip with the band, but also perfectly well organized by the Hotel666 guys ‘n girls. Once again big thanks for a great experience!
Another gig we have to mention was the recent one in the Underground/Wuppertal… holy cow, this was our first time in Wuppertal for what felt like an eternity and we are still ecstatic about the memory! The Underground was sold out to the last place and the crowd was going crazy like an army of berserkers! Big thanks to the SELFDEVOURED guys who organized that night! So as you can guess, we are absolutely on fire an looking forward to the prospective live assaults! -Gordon

After these awesome nights we were ready to hit the stage 2 times again with our brothers from REZET & TOTAL VIOLENCE... Unfortunately the drummer of TV decided to leave the band one week before and they weren´t able to find a replacement in that short period. So we had to cancel the Oberhausen gig and almost that one in Aalst (because REZET weren´t able to play as well). Thanks to a higher might that the organizer in Aalst didn´t cancel the evening, so we hit the road again to Belgium. And it was an awesome night! Very cool location (the stage was next to the Skatepark. Chris had a window next to him and suddenly saw some legs flying right thru that window. He wasn´t able to play for a few seconds because he had to laugh so hard...) and the crew was more than careful with us. We will come back someday!

A few weeks later it was time for our first short tour. Simon (PREMATORY), Jeroen (VILLAINY) and I talked about a short tour thru our countries months ago. We really liked that idea but no one had really that time to organise because someone was in the studio, the other one had no bassplayer and so on... so it took a while but we fixed that tour within 2 months and it was more than awesome! We all have some great memories and we like to share it. Just take a look at part 2! -Maik

18.01.2014:   Vinyl and dedication

Hey maniacs and maniatrixes, actually for the Messerschmitt camp this has been one helluva speed-banging year again… once again we played a whole couple of cool shows in front of some extremely dedicated maniac fans and together with some extremely dedicated maniac bands. Some names that come to my mind are Desaster, Rezet (once again extra-thanks to Thorben who did an amazing job as our second axeman on two exclusive shows!), Eliminator, Fatal Embrace, Prematory, Wildhunt, Axewielder, Iron Kobra, Speedbreaker, Mortal Remains, Deserter, Hammerhead… makes quite a nice underground army, doesn’t it? Can’t imagine any better way to spend our time than banging some head and partying together with these bunches of lunatics! If you get the chance to support any of these bands, make sure to do so! Another very special event of 2013 was the release of our first vinyl record… Iron Bee Records produced a wonderful 12” EP featuring both our demos “Demo’lition” and “Speed Demo’n”, strictly limited to 111 hand-numbered copies. Since this has been the very first vinyl release for each of us, you can imagine how excited we were (and still are) about it! Big thanks to Iron Bee and to all you guys ‘n girls who made this release sell out in no time!
In our eyes this release is also the perfect endpoint for Messerschmitt’s demo spell. In 2014 it is our number-one-goal to get our first LP recorded and released, featuring the best of our songs (some of them yet unheard by your ears) in their perfect and final versions. Won’t go into much detail at this point, but be assured that we will let you know when the time has come!
Also it might happen that we will soon announce an important change to our line-up, but at this point it’s still a little too early to say anything definite.
However, as always our biggest thanks and greetings go out to you amazing fuckers! Blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of dedication, that’s what Heavy Metal – especially in the underground – is all about and without it there would be not a single reason to get that music out of our rehearsal room! Damn, we are already bloody looking forward to hit the stages again and see you destroy those venues in real maniac style! Until then…

Cheers & don’t mess with

31.07.2013:   Schmittis & Thorben´s excellent journey

Hey, dudes and dudesses of Heavy Metal! Since it has already been four months since our last blog entry, it’s time for some lines to keep you informed about what’s going on in the Messerschmitt camp.
First and foremost that’s a couple of really cool gigs that we played. The most special ones were surely the gigs in Oberhausen and Eindhoven, where our friend Thorben Schulz – metal maniac, power package and skilled axeman of Rezet, the best Thrash Metal band from the Baltic Sea – joined us on stage as second guitarist. Damn, that was really a fun experience! If not for the 500 kilometers distance and for the fact that he already plays in an amazing band, we’d have loved to recruit him where he stood! Anyway, we gladly repeat ourselves when we say again big thanks to Thorben for the effort he put into this and for the great time we had… can’t wait to drink some beers together during the gigs that we will play together with Rezet later this year!
Another thing that made those concerts truly great events were all those dedicated maniac bands we shared the stages with… Speedbreaker, Axewielder, Prematory, Wildhunt, Deserter, Eliminator, Rezet… what more could a die hard thrashhead wish for? Be assured that those guys definitely deserve your support!
Next to those gigs, we also played two open air events, the first of which in our hometown Remscheid and the second one at the Hard n Heavy’s Summernight, a cult festival that we have been visiting regularly since ages. Well, in Remscheid we did not have one of our best days (nevertheless a dedicated bunch of headbangers in front of the stage made it a fun evening) and since last year’s gig at the Taunus Metal festival was also a little chaotic, we became a little afraid that maybe we were just not able to deliver the same energy onto an open air stage which we know from our club gigs. Luckily at the SNOA we were able to disprove this theory… in the heat of the summer sun we played a sudorific high energy show in front of a real maniac audience… big thanks to the banging crowd and to the Hard n Heavys for the invitation!

The next thing we are truly looking forward to is the forthcoming release of both our demos on strictly limited vinyls… damn, we are definitely a vinyl-loving lot, so this is without a doubt something very special for us! Cannot wait to hold those pieces in our hands and give ‘em the first spins on our turntables! Like I said, they will be strictly limited to 111 copies, so better be quick if you want to get one of them for your own collection.
Also we are looking forward to some more very nice gigs and the planning for our first full-length album is also striding ahead, but we will let you know about that as soon as there is something concrete to be told. Until then…

Cheers & don’t mess with

10.03.2013:   Underground... but who´s buying?

Well, maniax and maniatrixes, we’re back from a memorable weekend – unfortunately in a rather negative way – and we’d like to share with you some thoughts on it. So let’s start from the beginning.

After last year’s formidable Titan Fest we were very much looking forward to return to Belgium and play at the second issue of Thrash & Beers in Schilde. So we got up early (we made sure to stay sober at Friday night’s great gig of our brothers Rezet and Thrashtanica) for a last rehearsal at noon, packed our stuff into the car and hit the highway. After three hours we reached the venue – a very punky, post-apocalyptic but somehow charming youth club. We were meant to headline, so we had some time to drink a beer or two with the Belgish maniacs and bang some head during the other bands gigs. Some of the people we talked to told us that they somehow envied us Germans our big and active Metal scene and especially the vibrant underground. We didn’t know we were soon to witness a significant lack of underground cohesion.

When the guys from Deserter (Very cool old school band and great guys!) finally started to play their last songs, we went down into the backstage to prepare all stuff for our gig. But when we were back in the hall, we were very surprised to see the Cizin drummer taking down the whole drumkit. We asked what the hell was going on and he just said he had to go home and that he thought only Deserter should play on his kit. (For those who don’t know: At least in Germany it’s common that one band brings the fundamental drumkit and the other bands just bring snare, cymbals and bassdrum pedals, so that’s what we brought.) It was still quite early – about halve past ten – so we asked if he could maybe wait until the end of our gig. He negated, so we offered to play a shorter set of halve an hour, just so the guys and girls who came to see us could at least get some songs, but he didn’t care, also didn’t explain anything, just took his stuff and left. We could do nothing but apologize to those who came to see us (that’s the worst about the whole thing, there were quite some of our Belgish friends and even some headbangers from Germany who came to see a Messerschmitt gig), accept that we had wasted a lot of time to prepare our show and start our three-hours-drive home without having played a single note.

Of course from a legal position this guy can do with his drumkit and with his Saturday evening whatever he wants. We were told later that such behavior is not too uncommon among Belgish musicians, that many people first and foremost care about themselves. Well, it’s his decision, but from our position – which we presume to call a real underground position - we cannot say anything but “Fuck you!” We will never maroon a fellow underground band that we are meant to share the stage with, we will never maroon the organizer who invested his time and effort to make the whole concert possible, we will surely never maroon the maniacs who come to the concert and pay to see the bands. We are proud of this and we would be deeply ashamed of everything else. All for one, one for all! Solid as a rock with swords in the air!
And this fucker couldn’t accept to be at his party or wherever he wanted to go forty or fifty minutes later… well, somehow we couldn’t do but thinking of the lamentation about the local underground that we heard earlier. Guess we found a reason.

Despite this shit we want to say big thanks to all those true Metal people who showed solidarity with us in this situation, especially to Laurens, the organizer of the show who really tried his best to solve that mess, to the guys from Deserter, to all the visitors (some of them bought a shirt even though we didn’t even play) and also to the other guys of Cizin who tried to convince their drummer without success. Actually we got along with them very well, we enjoyed their gig and we had the impression that they were quite honest Rock’n’Rollers… the more this idiot behavior of the drummer took us by surprise. Also thanks to our brothers in crime from Eliminator, to our friend Patchman Spandex Marco and to all the others who directly stood at our side when they heard of the situation.

Well, this became quite a long text. We hope it will serve as a negative example how the underground should definitely NOT work. The underground is an idealistic game that ignores the whole big stinking dung hill named “business”, and this can only work if those who participate work together. So let’s hope that this will remain an unpleasant exception.

Cheers & REALLY don’t mess with…

11.12.2012:   2012 - Invocation of the Speed Demon

With last weekend’s Thrash’n’Speed Mania II we are going to call 2012 a year… and what a nice year of pure heavy music that was! We played quite a couple of shows, some of them in regions where we had never played before, and shared the stages with some great metal-addicted lunatics; we made many new friends and celebrated dangerous parties with old ones; we finally managed to unleash the Speed Demo’n upon mankind. All in all we can definitely say that these twelve months were quite some fun!

The last two weeks were definitely a highlight of 2012 for us!

Two weeks ago, at Saturday 1st, we started to our first ever gig in eastern Germany. With a car of three tons weight this was a journey of nine hours, so when we arrived in Radebeul (near Dresden), it felt like arriving at a festival where you just have to build up your tents, drink some beers and go to bed, so you are fit and prepared for the next day when the bands start playing. Well, no tents and sleeping for us. We were even chosen to be the last band of the night… haha, really don’t know why so many bands like the headliner slot. You just have to take care not to drink too much, not to bang your head too much and so on in order to save the power for your own gig. Well, we won the race for the first band to empty all their free beers anyway (did I mention the other bands consisted of five members each? ;-)) and we really enjoyed the gigs of those crazy old-school-heads in Toxic Beast and Space Chaser! So it was when we hit the stage, if not before, that all tiredness was forgotten and we celebrated a true heavy metal orgy with those still able to stand! As a reward for their stamina we finished our set with a cover version of Exciter’s “Aggressor” which we never played live before. Special thanks to Uwe and his mates who organized this great night and to all you underground-worshippers who celebrated with us! We definitely hope this won’t be our last Sachsen-crusade!

Luckily we had one week to recover from this hard drinking weekend with its 18 hours on the road. But on Saturday 8th it was finally time for the second issue of our own event, the Thrash’n’Speed Mania! This time we invited our friends and brothers in crime from Iron Kobra and Rezet – two bands who work their balls off to vitalize the speed-thrashing underground for years – to share with us the stage of the legendary AJZ Bahndamm in Wermelskirchen. And just as we hoped and expected, the night was a goddamn success! Though the weather sucked (snow-)balls big time and there were some very nice competitive events, a hundred crazy denim-wearing metal maniacs came to this remote place without good traffic connection… man, we love you fuckers! And we love Jan, Daniel and all the other guys who pampered us with good food, good mood, good sound, sleeping places and so on!
Since we did the organization and thus had the all-pervading power to decide on all important matters, it was clear that we were to play first! Strike! And to make it short, this was definitely one of our best gigs so far! We had a very good sound on stage, the energy in our hearts to rock harder then steel and an amazing audience in front of us who really got into a headbanging rage! The next day our necks, heads, backs, legs… everything hurt and we just were wasted as fuck, but on that night we didn’t care at all, because this was a real night of 110%!
And even when we left the stage, it was crystal-clear that the ending was not even close. Our heads just kept banging to the sound of the other bands, the beer was delicious and the whole night was a worthy highlight for the live season of 2012!

Well, and now we’re going to take a little break from the stages. What we are going to do next is recording a detailed pre-production for our first full-length release, so we will be perfectly prepared for the final recordings (which we hope to finish in 2013, too). We will maybe play a handful of shows in our home area, but definitely no bigger journeys during that time. We are also going to produce some nice new merch stuff like shirts, so you might already save some bucks if you are interested. And when all this is done, we are already looking forward to hit the road again and go wherever the underground is alive! Looking forward to meet you there!

Cheers & don’t mess with…

19.09.2012:   The hunt goes on

Saturday, 15th September 2012. Bags are packed and we're driven by pleasant anticipation. Because both the gigs that we played in Holand so far were excellent, we hope that the metal maniacs from the neighbouring country are just as crazy and dedicated.
Still the question if Maiks voice will hold out is kinda frightening. He had been niggled by the flu for days and the last rehersals were actually a little from perfect. A pill diet during the travel and some crossed fingers should hopefully help.
Shortly after departure the next shock: The highway was totally blocked by a massive traffic jam. Great... luckiely the spontaneuos alternative route worked out quite fine and we reached the venue in Aarschot/Belgium in time and even were able to drink one or two beers before it was our turn to play.
In front of the venue we met a whole bunch of denim-wearing old school folks... that's exactly the kind of audience we love to see at our concerts, so motivation was at max of course. Luckiely our maniac buddies from Gießen also appeared timely... so let's hit the stage and bang some head! Attack!! Soon the space in front of the stage got really crowded and during the last songs "Messerschmitt" and "Deathrider" quite a violent pit was raging. Fuck yeah, apparently our neighbouring countries host the craziest bunches of lunatics a metal man could wish to meet! The action they put to the floor and their dedication to the music are definitely unrivaled! Even Maik's voice stuck untill the end of our set... perfect! The only negative note was the fact that our new demo CDs didn't arrive timely for Titan Fest... would have been great if we had been able to supply the crowd with some current material for their home stereos. Thanks, GEMA...
Anyway, after the concert it was finally time to really get the party started and invest our fee into as much beer as we could drink and toast with those headbangers and headbangeresses who supported us in such a great way! After the worst exhaustion had faded, we headed back for the hall to give our necks the deathblow. The surprise of the evening were Evil Invaders. We didn't know these guys before and hell, what a band (Extra thanks for letting me use your bass amp, dudes! - Flo)! Our brothers in crime Prematory managed to maintain the amazing atmosphere and FKÜ were a worthy headliner. Damn great concert, but the biggest praise deserves the audience! Those guys 'n' girls went nuts without inanition and made the night a great, pleasant memory for all parties involved.
Late at night our final aim was the hotel... but that was not at easiely reached as one might expect. Damn, where the hell was that bloody hotel? Go by bus? Anyway, we were tired and needed some beds. Luckiely some large-hearted headbangers had mercy with us and lead us to the bus station, where the just-as-large-heated bus driver agreed to drive us directly to the hotel, which turned out to be in Leuven, a neighbouring town.
We fell asleep more or less the very moment we touched our beds and after a short night, a necessary shower and a nice breakfast we went back to see if the car was still there... luckiely it was! Another three-hours-travel and back home we were! What a great trip! We hope to be back in Belgium soon! We definitely fell at least a little in love with this lunatic Belgish metal scene! Thanks again to the Prematory guys for inviting us! See you next time!

02.09.2012:   Neuerung

Servus Maniacs! Hier werdet ihr in Zukunft kleine lustige Geschichten über unsere Gigs, Aufnahmen, Partys etc finden! Das Ganze machen wir auf deutsch, um ein bisschen verrückter schreiben zu können hehe. Also haltet die Ohren steif!