1. Storm of the Warhawk
    2. Messerschmitt
    3. Hell for Leather
    4. Strike the Sin

    Maik Jegszenties (Guitars & Vocals)
    Kristian Tamm (Drums)
    Daniel Ohliger (Bass Guitar)

    Mix & Mastering by Yannic Zwinscher
    Band-Picture by Jan-Martin Kuhl
    Artwork by Maik Jegszenties

In early 2010, after 5 very awesome years with the epic metal band "Strongholde", Maik decided to go back to his roots, back to that time when he started playing guitar. The influences were thrash & speed metal and he wanted to set free this aggressive and no compromising spirit again.
He had already written a few songs and riffs and showed them to his old mate Kris. He agreed to record some songs just for fun and without any pressure. At this point nobody talked about forming a new band, it was a project. So they went down in the Strongholde rehearsal room and after a few days they called Yannic Zwinscher, who played with Maik in "Hematic Wrath", if he liked to record 5 songs for them. So he did.

(Picture by Jörg Müller)
After recording drums & guitars of the original 5 songs ("Gamble for Death" was also planned for DemoŽlition), it was time to get a dude for the bass-guitar. It took a while to find someone who liked to do the job. But with Daniel they got a really good one without a doubt. After rehearsing again and again this trio became more and more a band. And after the bass-guitar recordings there was a really unknown point. Who will sing?
So Maik tried to give the band a voice. He asked his old band member of "Strongholde" Florian Piwek to record with him the vocals. And after some weeks of intensive recordings DemoŽlition was finished. It was released in early 2011 without a label. But it was sold-out within some weeks and the band played some very good shows in the following year. The journey had just begun...