(Compilation LP)


    Side A
    1. Storm of the Warhawk
    2. Messerschmitt
    3. Hell for Leather
    4. Strike the Sin

    Side B
    1. Gamble for Death
    2. No dread to kill
    3. Good loved by Hell
    4. Deathrider (Anthrax Cover)
    5. The Eldridge

    Released by Iron Bee Records
    Mix by Yannic Zwinscher
    Master by Sasch Menschl

After the release of Speed DemoŽn the band played a lot of shows and gained some experience, especially concerning the sound. As a trio the sound is thin on stage but itŽs kind of iconic. They often talked about a second axeman and so they asked a good friend for a try-out. Thorben Schulz of "Rezet" joined the band for one gig just to figure out how it could sound like with a 4 man group.
At the same time a guy named "Stoni" contacted the band. He was pretty enthusiastic about the demoŽs and asked the band if they liked to release both demoŽs on LP. So there was a lot to do for Messerschmitt...

(Picture by Helena Marie Sommer)

(Picture by dArKtMoViEaRt)
The day of the concert with Thorben came nearer and suddenly they already stood on the stage. It was a fantastic show and the crowd gave everything. So the band let some days pass and were still excited about the idea with another guitar player. The search had begun.
The release date of the compilation LP was finally set. And it was sold-out within 2 weeks. The band never anticipated another success like that. But it gave them another push for the future.
At the "Summernight Open Air 2013" Maik asked a fan of the band, Christian Fass, if he liked to play the second guitar. Not joining the band, just another try-out for some months. He agreed and after a while the band was absolutly happy with him so he got the job.
The band rehearsed a lot, wrote new songs and played very awesome gigs. But at the end of 2014 it was time to do it finally...