MESSERSCHMITT are a German Speed Metal outfit, formed in 2010 by lead guitarrist and singer Maik Jegszenties and drummer Kristian Tamm. The band started as a three-piece with bass player Daniel Ohliger. In this lineup MESSERSCHMITT recorded their first demo „Demo'lition“ and played their first couple of gigs together with bands such as Baphomet's Blood, Ketzer and Accuser in 2011.

In late 2011 Daniel left the band and was replaced by Florian Piwek, who used to play together with Maik in his former band. After a bunch of gigs, sharing the stages among others with Witchburner, Rezet, F.K.Ü., Space Chaser and Iron Kobra, the three of them released their second demo „Speed Demo'n“ in late 2012, staying true to the spirit of the old German Speed Metal.

2013 brought forth MESSERSCHMITT's first vinyl release, when Iron Bee Records released both demos together on a 12“ record. To support the releases the band played several concerts and festivals together with the likes of Desaster, Fatal Embrace, Speedbreaker and Eliminator.

The band joined forces with second guitarist Christian Fass and after touring Germany, Holland and Belgium together with Villainy and Prematory in early 2014 it turned out that all Tapes, CDs and LPs were finally sold out. The time had come for MESSERSCHMITT to hit the studio again. After spending halve a year writing and rehearsing the songs for their first full length album, the debut album "No dread to kill" was released on august 3rd, 2015.