1. A Tribute to the Clowns
    2. No dread to kill
    3. Hell for Leather
    4. Storm of the Warhawk
    5. Ancient Rites
    6. The Eldridge
    7. Good loved by Hell
    8. Strike the Sin
    9. Risk to Resist

    CD version self released
    Tape release by Disco Destroyers Music
    Vinyl release by FTWCTP Records
    Artwork by Martin Hanford
    Mix & Master by Yannic Zwinscher

In today's day and age, many bands quickly spew out their debut albums only shortly after their formation, providing the listener almost always with some filler material. Messerschmitt tries to be different in that respect - every member agrees that you first have to carefully develop songs over time in the rehearsal room and the live environment to create songs worthy of a full-length record.

After more than four years, nine songs were done that satisfied the band, so the recording of "No dread to kill" could commence in November of 2014.

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Being an independent, "underground" band, Messerschmitt faced some obstacles concerning the funding of the album. As a result, Kris nailed down the drum tracks in only a few grueling days to save some studio money, though never sacrificing any of his precision and velocity in the proccess. Then it was on to rhythm guitars, followed up by solos and bass tracks. After the vocals and backing shouts were recorded in the rehearsal space, all tracks were given to Yannic Zwinscher of Yava Music, who mixed and mastered the soon-to-be debut record.

Seeking maximum quality, Yannic and Messerschmitt spent several months tweaking the general sound and adjusting every last small detail until everything was just the way they envisioned it. At the same time, the group continued to hit the road, working to improve as a 4-man-lineup.
Though the music was done, the production wasn't. Maik spent hours upon hours designing the CD and booklet-layout, merging it with the fantastic artwork by Martin Hanford. Then, finally, it was on to the pressing plant! On august 3rd, the wait was over - "No dread to kill" was released. With their first album under their belt, Messerschmitt is now on to more gigs and getting the album out to the public. The journey continues...