22.10.2015   New Patches available! Visit our Shop!

27.09.2015   Patches are sold-out!

We like to thank you all maniacs! New patches will follow soon, stay tuned!

09.08.2015   Shirts & Girlie Shirts out now!

03.08.2015   The CD version of the album is OUT NOW! Order right at our site under "SHOP"

19.07.2015   CD out on 03.08.2015! Pre-order has begun!

17.07.2015   Second song online!
Share, enjoy and STRIKE THE SIN!

28.06.2015   First song online!

28.06.2015   Master is done!

It´s over! Our album is done! Releasedate TBA!


07.06.2015   Check out some pics from Wednesday

Check out these pictures at Metal Rendezvous, made by Jörg Müller from The Pit

07.06.2015   A little break

On friday we had our last concert until Octobre so far. We gonna use this break for finishing our album and all things that have to be done. Stay tuned and watch out!

26.04.2015   New Patches available! Visit our Shop!

06.04.2015   New website online!