1. Gamble for Death
    2. No dread to kill
    3. Good die...be loved by Hell
    4. Deathrider (Anthrax Cover)
    5. The Eldridge

    Maik Jegszenties (Guitars & Vocals)
    Kristian Tamm (Drums)
    Florian Piwek (Bass Guitar)

    Mix & Mastering by Yannic Zwinscher
    Band-Picture by Helena Marie Sommer
    Artwork by Pascal Montenbruck

After the unexpected success of DemoŽlition and a few gigs later, Maik and Kris decided to kick Daniel out of the band. Amongst other issues not to be discussed here he cancelled a concert in Eindhoven one day before, so Maik and Kris drove to this event as a duo. It became a legendary evening for them...
The journey had to go on and after some weeks they found a new guy for the empty spot. Florian Piwek, who already was a kind of a member since the DemoŽlition recordings. He brought back the fun on and beside the stage. It didnŽt take a long time and new songs were written and the band was ready to hit the studio again.

(Picture by Jan-Martin Kuhl)
    They called Yannic Zwinscher and he was ready to do it again. They entered the studio (not a real studio, it was their own rehearsal room) in January 2012. Kris did a awesome job again and the drums were recorded in 2 days. Also the guitars and the the bass guitar were finished in a few days. After the vocals were done they decided to do something special for the backing vocals. They invited some friends and fans, bought some beer and gave everybody the chance to be on the record. It was a long day but it was a hell of a lot of fun!
This time 300 copies of Speed DemoŽn were produced. Everything was finished and done but the "GEMA" kicked the release out of reach. Due to the "Deathrider" cover they ran into some trouble and the release date had been pushed back week for week. In the end Speed DemoŽn came out in september 2012 and was sold-out in 2014. They journey continued...