Couple o' new reviews: First a review in english by Slawek Migacz for Monarch Magazine (Click). And another in spanish by Alberto Perez, located here.

Second review coming from the XXL Rock (Netherlands) Facebook page, in dutch language: Click!.

A first very friendly but rather philosophical review can be found HERE. Thanks, Ari Wilson!!

The album is OUT NOW!

CD out on 03.08.2015! Pre-order has begun!

Master is done! Mission completed!

Mix is done! Master will follow next week! Bam!

We had some problems with the guitar sound but itīs fixed now. Next weekend is booked for the final tunings!

We received the first mixdown today. It sounds incredible! Not modern, just old school for maniacs!

The mix starts within next week!

We finally finished the recordings for "No dread to kill"!